Oh Look! Buttons!

I’m on holiday from creative writing, so here’s a random list of things people say that tend to get under my skin*

“Middle class white kids…”
We’re not all the same, don’t shove me into your closed minded box.

“Is that your real name?(Pascale) Hey isn’t there a scientist/artist with that name”
Why yes, and I’m pretty sure millions of people out there have your name too. Like omg. Wow.

“Why are you so quiet?”
Empty vessels make the most noise. Still waters run deep.

Pretty much any racist remark against any race. Makes me incredibly angry.

“Get over it/just let it go”
My world, my time, my devices.

“You’re talking nonsense”
Wow, that response was rather quick, did you even take in what was said or is your own opinion so superior that no further consideration is required.

“I hate *insert name*”
I’ve never met a person worth hating. There’s so much more to every person you meet than what meets the eye. Every asshole has his good side too.

“No one understands me”
They’re trying. You’re the best representative of who you are.

“You don’t do anything”
I do plenty. Just not in the same vicinity as you. Art must happen in solitude for the artist must explore her own mind thoroughly and in order for such to happen, one must be without distraction.
Also, I’m still trying to figure this life thing out. My time, my devices.

“You’re so emo”
There’s a difference between being deep and being emotional…

“You’re so cute”
When you’re 23 and you’re trying to find your way through life, cute is not quite what you want to hear, especially when attempting to assert yourself as an adult.

“Why don’t you speak French”(Family)
Your English is better than my French. Languages… Not my thing.

Well, that’s as much as the aggravated brain can think of*
Keep writing:)
You guys are lovely*


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