Follow The Wind><Keep To Your Heart

Maya Jane simply could not bring herself to comprehend her new surroundings.                 Life kept nudging her towards new things, but she had never been quick to adapt. She simply smiled and nodded until she her comfort zone had been rebuilt. Maya was down under, way, way down under…. Australia down under. Everyone was some shade of white or other, barely a shade of brown to be seen. Maya did not understand. Where Maya came from, she had only ever truly thrived in brown communities. Down-to-Earth souls living in the real world, not some overly materialistic ideal built by ignorant fools. Where Maya had come from she was perfectly acceptable just the way she was.

Maya had a loving aunt and uncle and perfectly well bred cousins, their faith as strong as a thousand walls of Jericho, but the twenty first century was nothing but vile and filthy to these most pious individuals. Maya’s entire personality may as well have been blatantly satanic. Although she said nothing behind her patronizing smile, she knew, according to all of their discussions that she listened to all the wrong music, was into all the wrong ideals(peace and love was simply not enough), practiced the wrong type of Catholic living by abiding by current canon law, and it went without saying that her (attempted hidden) tattoo was simply a disgrace, never mind her lifestyle she had most enjoyed with her friends. Maya was on another planet for sure. What was this world where kids wore tailored clothes and pearl earrings on a daily basis… Sure, behind every counter was a friendly face, but where, in a realistic world was everyone happy… Why had her cousins left university the minute they were enlightened to the secular world out there…. Where was the spirit of human compassion and understanding of diversity?

Maya was not going to conform. She would simply wait until she moved to where her job was taking her and create that free-spirit lifestyle she so longed for. The world had convinced her that she simply needed to keep going, this place, that place, wherever, whatever, she would simply just keep going where the wind took her, just as she always had.IMG_6291.JPG

Ex Tempore.

I’ll do it later….

Series were binged.

Days came and days went

I’ll do it later….

Functions, excuses and conditions took a stroll down that path too

I’ll do it later.

Holidays came and went

A friend or two

I’ll do it later

Exhaustion took over her every particle.

I’ll do it later

Dad came home


Bro came home.


Exams and due date strolled up hand in hand….

Just give me time….

And they too, like time, went on by.

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Rain and Rainbows*

It was raining hard outside, on and off, as if Mother Nature was in some sort of hormonal rage. Maya was raining too, first gentle then hard, on and off, just like outside. Something about that word had hit her like a slap in the face out of nowhere. Immigration…

“He’s coming home to sign immigration papers”

Dad had been across the ocean for months at a time. Maya hadn’t cared. It was all “maybe’s” and “mights” for the longest time, months, years. Maya had lost track because Maya didn’t care. Until that stupid word. Until Maya was completely alone and mom would be away for the next week. Maya was doing so well with the thought of being home alone… until alone meant a mind raging with “what ifs” and “where to, what now, what about me….” .

Maya had bigger things to worry about…. bigger “what ifs, where to, what now, what about me’s” to worry about, but dad… Daddy… What then… What now….

Kitty purred alongside Maya, rubbing her face against the shining screen. For a cat, she often had more human compassion than cats are given credit… As if Kitty just knew when Maya needed a little extra attention.

Maya let the music flow, wondering where all the dead conversations had drifted off to. She glanced at teddy, knowing he’s gladly keep her company for the night, just sit quietly in her arms and do his ever-ready teddy job. Teddy was cool like that.

The rain had stopped outside, or perhaps it had just gone gentle. It had stopped inside too, or perhaps just gone gentle. But rain was rain, cleansing for just that time. A necessity for all that what bright and colourful to come.


{Feel The Light}

Maya Jane sat on the ocean floor. As she waved her hand over the sand, she watched each grain float gently by, like a lost feather, drifting, searching for a destination, then landing in slow motion.

Maya Jane watched the bubbles leaving her mouth and nose every so often. It amazed her how the smallest, most simple parts of nature, could hold such beauty, such mystique and awe.

Each creature that passed by had its own allure, its own secret magic that made it worth its existence.

Maya had always felt peace under the water. The golden rays of the sun, like an overturned bottle of glitter made the entire experience surreal, with all the treasures magnified by each drop of water that made up this sanctuary. The seaweed swaying to and fro had its own serenity to bring, changing its rhythm as the ocean current changed.

Any sound that could be heard, only held the most calming melody- whether a swoosh, whoosh, blip or bloop, it only brought calm. No doof or boom or slander or harm, only an ever present charm.

Maya lifted her face to feel the light, took her hand for a stroll through the rays and let it glitter up her soul.

As the sun resigned for the day, the evening moon came out to play, guiding her back with its ever-comforting glow, quieting the shapes and spaces, allowing the world to become a dark blur, and shining only her, making her whole*

the calling

This is exactly it at times ❤ Beautiful*

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You are
with me
within me
every second
of every moment

Yet, I live the truth
of ‘You’ away from ‘I’

Yet I feel
this intense separation
from home
Like an unborn child
pulled away
from womb

Like the thirsty desert
that longs for rain,
an affliction
with no remedy for pain.

Sleepless at night
restless for days
Beloved, your memory
stirs me awake.

My trembling lips
heaped with sighs,
endless tears, in your name
are now running dry.

Without you, my essence,
how am I
to stay alive?

Calling out
my entire being
for a breath ..

I miss you.
Take me home.


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Colours of Day*

She walked across the glittering brown,

Dived into the darkest blue

Looked around at all the rainbow,

The inner tingle of glee just shining through,

She flew up to the white, took a bounce

and rested on green.

She lay on green, eyes turned up,

Dreaming of all the things that flew…

from tree to tree,

She bathed in the yellow, picked orange and pink

Inhaled slowly, becoming the scent,

Filling up with sweetness and taking a cleanse in that calming running light blue*Shells-Seabed-1440x900