the calling


This is exactly it at times <3 Beautiful*

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You are
with me
within me
every second
of every moment

Yet, I live the truth
of ‘You’ away from ‘I’

Yet I feel
this intense separation
from home
Like an unborn child
pulled away
from womb

Like the thirsty desert
that longs for rain,
an affliction
with no remedy for pain.

Sleepless at night
restless for days
Beloved, your memory
stirs me awake.

My trembling lips
heaped with sighs,
endless tears, in your name
are now running dry.

Without you, my essence,
how am I
to stay alive?

Calling out
my entire being
for a breath ..

I miss you.
Take me home.


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Colours of Day*

She walked across the glittering brown,

Dived into the darkest blue

Looked around at all the rainbow,

The inner tingle of glee just shining through,

She flew up to the white, took a bounce

and rested on green.

She lay on green, eyes turned up,

Dreaming of all the things that flew…

from tree to tree,

She bathed in the yellow, picked orange and pink

Inhaled slowly, becoming the scent,

Filling up with sweetness and taking a cleanse in that calming running light blue*Shells-Seabed-1440x900


She walked along the shoreline,

Stared into the sea,

Drove all night to anywhere,

The stars guiding her along her plea.

She scratched away at her bubble,

Poking and prodding

Groping and grasping

Inhaling, exhaling, losing breath

Deep breath, deeper… serenity…

Pause, paaaauuuse and stop,


Shutting, closing, closed aaaaand off.

She sat and watched the moving pictures,

got lost in the characters and their stories,

wasting away her precious time on this Earth,

hour by hour, day by day,

Always wasting her time

Oh, she was always good at that.

She stared into the sunset,

jumped into the sea,

Remembered all the things in life that made her jump with glee

She took her deepest deepest breath and let that breath run free

Then closed her eyes and saw the stars

Imagined every place she’d rather be,

Back in the arms of her serenity.

{Pages of Yesteryear*}

I have this addiction to buying and building a collection of empty pages with cool covers, with endless, yet endlessly fading, intention to fill the pages with amazing things. Just before this year began, I attempted to put my thoughts to paper, instead of allowing them entry into the crazy world of strangers we call the blogosphere* Yet another failed New Years resolution, I’ll assume…
Well, here are my few, thinned out and incomplete thoughts of yesteryear, barely changed. I seem to have thought these same thoughts this festive season, as this year slowly draws to a close…
Here’s to growing out of worrying about silly things age unnecessarily draws to your attention, cheers!

DreamScape 2014

Here’s a little piece of me, created, drawn, moulded, edited, delayed,

Lyrics I never planned, pieces of sound I never intended

Scribbles I could never quite make sense of

Emotions I never could quite contain

My dreams reaching for escape,

My inner rainbow bursting to glow

The sunshine only seeping through the cracks

Nature verses nurture,

A burning inner passion stemming from a place of then and there

Soon to come but almost gone

Tightly restrained, but breaking free

Please enjoy this self made story~*



Love this :)

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Superman can fly high, he can touch the endless sky,

I am not made of steel fore i am only real, fly, no not i.

Batman seeks shelter within a cave, a mask covers his face,

I am not a caped crusader, strong am i, see that i wear no disguise.

From a spinning web he travels along the building walls,

I am not spider man therefore at times i may fall.

watch him run, he is known as the flash, another with a mask,

No super hero am i but possess do i the power of fast.

The hulk is powerful, strong and holds not many a fear,

I am not a fantasy, i get scared and have tears.

Captain america with his shield is fearless and strong,

I am not one of the Immortals, I stand just a man.

Keith Garrett

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